on a bad-luck streak & perhaps a little drunk



if you ever feel sad just look at Marcelo


cristiano be like i cant believe this shit

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how does ok go consistently come up with these fun as hell video clips??

bit of a warning for people who do get dizzy from messing with perspective and all

I love this.

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Know your double, a doppelgänger field guide -
John Martz

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For future reference.

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Avocado, truffle salt, pepper, sriracha. There is nothing finer.


Joseph Fink, for. the. win.


Historical Map: TriMet Bus System Map, Portland, Oregon, 1978

Not much use for route planning: this map was really made just to show how the routes that ran into the city centre were grouped into geographic regions and denoted by a colour and an icon. While stops along the transit mall are now marked with boring old letters, back then these cheery and oh-so-1970s symbols guided you to the bus stop you needed. Also very 1970s: the tightly-kerned Avant Garde typeface.

(Source: TriMet’s “How We Roll” blog)

Miche, I feel like this is up your alley.

This demonic little guy is Cobie (short for Cobra Kai). Andy and I won him playing skeeball at a carnival, right after we confronted our mortality on the terrifying bungee jump ride. I guess what I’m saying is that this weekend has been pretty amazing.


New Words Feminist Bookstore in Cambridge, MA. 1976

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I was literally thinking “I’m so lonely,” as I sit in my apartment scrolling through Tumblr and missing the ex-boyfriend I just broke up with who I thought I’d be with forever. And then Dylan Moran pops up on my dash and reminds me that I really did make a good decision breaking up with him (Jimmy, not Dylan Moran, obv) because now I have my life back and I like it. And maybe tomorrow I’ll be less lonely.

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Dana, did you send this to Coop yet?

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I just spent an inordinate sum of money on groceries and household items, so if I don’t actually make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for myself for the rest of ever, I don’t deserve to call myself a human being, much less an adult. Just a reminder to myself/the world.

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