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strictly on style this is between Medelssohn and Debussy but respect to Beethoven for that “look, I have more important work to do here” swagger

I’m a Schubert who wants to be a Schumann. Sums up most of my handwriting envy.

francescadarimini based on how much I idolized your handwriting growing up, I bet you write really nice clefs.


Even poor kids who do everything right don’t do much better than rich kids who do everything wrong. Advantages and disadvantages, in other words, tend to perpetuate themselves. You can see that in the above chart, based on a new paper from Richard Reeves and Isabel Sawhill, presented at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s annual conference, which is underway.

Specifically, rich high school dropouts remain in the top about as much as poor college grads stay stuck in the bottom — 14 versus 16 percent, respectively. Not only that, but these low-income strivers are just as likely to end up in the bottom as these wealthy ne’er-do-wells. Some meritocracy.

Poor kids who do everything right don’t do better than rich kids who do everything wrong


Is it weird if I save this to my phone and text it to people when they say something I disagree with?
That way they will see exactly how I would look disagreeing with them.

I don’t think this is what GIFs were made for.

Taylor Swift, certified genius.

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A badass piece by Don MacKinnon, one of our directors on Bob’s Burgers! 



hannahsaysyes I feel like this blog is relevant to your interests.

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Good God, we’re in a lot of trouble if people think that Amy represents every woman. Feminism is not that fragile, I hope. What Amy does is to weaponize female stereotypes. She embodies them to get what she wants and then she detonates them. Men do bad things in films all the time and they’re called anti-heroes. Amy may not be admirable, but neither are the men on ‘The Sopranos.’

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What started out as Mandujano and a couple of friends cycling laundry loads on bike trailers in 2011 has now spread to Washington, D.C. and, as of last week, Austin, Texas. The company relies on big contracts with hospitals and institutions like Drexel Universityto pay the bills, and a fleet of bike trailers that can each haul loads weighing as much as 600 pounds. While many of these organizations would have trucked their laundry todistant processing centers, sometimes hundreds of miles away, Mandujano’s outfit relies on local, high-efficiency washers and driers that he rents out from larger facilities. The process saves thousands of gallons of water a year, not to mention fuel, Mandujano says.

Convincing clients that bikes could make a significant difference wasn’t easy. “We really needed to prove ourselves,” Mandujano says. “You try and raise money from a venture capitalist, and they’re like, yawn—the laundry business they think is low impact. Proving that our model can really be scalable and viable for heavy duty commercial applicationshas been hard. Biases have to be overcome.”

Many of Mandujano’s employees have had to face a different set of biases, too. More than half of Wash Cycle Laundry’s 39 employees were formerly incarcerated. The company serves as a leg up into the working world for people who struggle to find jobs after prison.

Why You Should Be Outsourcing Your Laundry By Bike

In eighth grade I learned how to forge Ronald Reagan’s signature, and that is only one reason why I highly identify with Margaret.

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This is literally a Tumblr classroom.




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photos by anderw milligan of an eleven week old cub playing in a pile of autumn leaves at the blair drummond safari park in stirling

Every time I see this set I know everything will be ok.

That’s some fall fun right there

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Watch out.
This makes me think of
for various reasons.

i’m touched and honored thank u

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